Ukraine crisis

Ukraine crisis: Putin visits Russia-occupied Mariupol

Russian President Vladimir Putin has paid a surprise visit to Mariupol -- the Ukrainian port city captured by Russian forces, the media reported. The visit is believed to be Putin's first to a newly-occupied Ukrainian territory.

Why Putin must know war has gone on long enough

When the war ends, sooner rather than later, and the information iron curtain on the Russian people is finally lifted, they will be horrified at what they have done to their neighbour as well as to themselves.

Ties that bind

The view from Washington seems to be that the more China clings to Russia following President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the stronger the calls will grow in the USA and the Western world to treat China and Russia as interchangeable enemies bent on imposing their vision of a new world order.


In 1994, Ukraine returned to Russia almost 2,000 nuclear weapons that it had inherited receiving in return a guarantee, in the form of the Budapest Memorandum (also signed by America and the United Kingdom), that Ukraine would not be attacked. Today, Kiev is probably ruing the day it agreed to do so.