Turkish tale

As two of the non-Arab states in the region, Turkey and Israel have long been fascinated with one another and have enjoyed close ties for much of their 74-year relationship

Rules for migration

The European Union (EU) has forged a new agreement aimed at reshaping the dynamics of migrant hosting within its member states.

A shadow over Christmas

As Yuletide draws near, listen not for sleigh bells but the rustle of crinoline skirts and the merry clink of champagne glasses in the First City of the East.

Bankura film on paddy cultivation screened at Kiff

The 29th edition of KIFF screened Kalamkathi, a feature film from Bankura that talks about a nearly lost variety of Bengal's own conventional paddy cultivation in which the use of chemical fertilizer is prohibited.

Right turn

Why is the Left losing elections ~ and popular support ~ across Europe? According to some, the common denominator is…