Sri Lanka

Light on Lanka

The country’s efforts to secure restructur- ing deals with creditors, including an earlier agreement with the Export-Import Bank of China, play a crucial role in this unfolding drama.

Sri Lanka to import 400,000 metric tonnes of rice

As many as 300,000 metric tons of rice are expected to be imported from India, and a further 100,000 tonnes from Myanmar in order to bring down the rice prices artificially inflated by several large rice millers, Gilma Dahanayake, additional secretary of the ministry of trade, was quoted as saying by the state-owned Daily News newspaper on Tuesday.

Lessons Sri Lanka must learn from its economic debacle

A process and skill, which the governing party, the ruling family and the powerful generals and admirals running the country seemingly have in short supply, if at all. Sri Lanka’s democratic institutions of governance must be allowed to function freely, robustly and independently. That is not really the case today. We do not need a Hitler, we need a Mandela.

Reaching out

The thinking is that Trincomalee Port would be an excellent choice for India to store its petroleum reserves in the renovated tanks, especially as maritime security is being prioritised by New Delhi given China’s growing naval presence in the Indian Ocean.

Colombo must adopt rational policies

The government needs to deal with the foreign exchange crisis. Instead of denying the fact that a serious problem exists and hoping that hoped for future flows of foreign exchange would ease the situation, the government needs to take concrete steps to rectify the situation immediately. In a rationally argued position paper, the Pathfinder Foundation has recommended that the government goes to the IMF to secure financial assistance.