section 377

Move for changes

Post Supreme Court decision on Section 377, India has been making strides with respect to recognising the rights of the LGBT community.

2018: The year of the Supreme Court

From the right of a common citizen to privacy to that of women to practise religion, from decriminalising homosexuality to legalising passive euthanasia, and from adultery to inter-faith marriages, Supreme Court orders and directions left few sections of the society untouched this year.

After 377, respect for LGBT community

Scrapping Section 377, a controversial law on consensual gay sex, means the LGBT community is finally recognised as parents, and friends are embracing their children and finally accepting them. Government jobs can be allotted to LGBT individuals...

Writing love into law

The Supreme Court judgments striking down Section 377 of the IPC go further than comparable jurisprudence in the UK and the USA, writes Senthorun Raj.