Why partners become emotionally unavailable to each other?

Be mindful, take responsibility and nurture the relationship with your partner by being emotionally available to them and allowing the same for yourself too. Reaffirm commitment, surprise your partner and most importantly, be available for them.

Can you read the signs?

Sugarcoating is indeed a red flag in any relationship and 37.23 per cent of Gleeden users have confirmed the same.

4 Socially Distanced Date Ideas

The pandemic-induced lockdown has dramatically altered how we date. Erstwhile, you would get to know your potential partner by having a glass of wine or two together in a nice restaurant

How to deal with a flirtatious boyfriend?

Based on their real life experience, 46.25 per cent of Gleeden users have said that being patient to judge a man's character is the best way to go forward. Impulsive behaviour could lead to verbal engagements that can hamper the relationship.

Are you willing to date someone who is not vaccinated?

About 70 per cent of people in the age-group 18-30 will consider meeting their date only once they are vaccinated, and eight out of 10 people aged 31 and above feel that inoculation is a prerequisite for their date.

How to start all over after divorce

People rarely express their deepest emotions, especially men. Men are taught to always act tough and emotionally strong. In addition, society's stigma and pressure too is already there to deal with for both the parties involved in the divorce.