Relationship goal

Stuck in Dating Life?

Some exercises can help if you feel like dating is a chore, you're not finding anyone worth pursuing, or you've run out of options.

How to maintain good bonding with friends

Friends are the ones who are always there in your hard times to help you. They are always there to make your day adventurous. The bonding with friends is very special.

This Chocolate Day make you partner feel special

The day is so happening that many couples just for fun enroll themselves in baking and chocolate-making classes to prepare sweet treats for their partners. If you and your partners have a sweet tooth and wish to make a great memory then do not miss this one.

Rules You Must Follow When You Start Online Dating

Your profile should be positive and shouldn't display bits and pieces of your ex-drama. Do not mention anything about your past experiences on your profile. This is an instant turn-off. It shows that you’re not ready to move from your past relationship and will drag the emotional baggage to the next one too.

Make your Propose Day special with these ideas

February, the month of love and romance, carries with it a lot of anticipation and promises. And Propose Day is the day for you if expressing yourself has been on your mind for some time now.