Planned breeding

Discrimination, injustice and stigma perpetrated against human groups are rampant. Various descriptors are used: racism, apartheid, sectarianism, xenophobia, etc.

Malignity in New York

Suffice it to register that the man accused of shooting 10 people on the subway train has been arrested and charged with a federal terrorism offence after a daylong manhunt and a tipster’s call led police to him on a Manhattan street.

Ukraine war exposes European racism

Germany for one has told all foreign students who arrived from Ukraine to leave the country by 23 May 2022, or face possible deportation. It is probably a good idea to leave the EU for other reasons too. In Poland, black and brown students leaving the train stations in border towns where refugees were arriving were accosted and harassed by members of Polish neo-Nazi groups.

Confronting global racism

The conservative populists want to fight against any challenge to the erosion of white rights, whereas the progressives want more state intervention to address inequities.