President Joe Biden

Campaign clues

AI is both the cause of this likely change and will be the prime beneficiary of it

Biden v Trump?

There may be differences in approach towards Russia, for Mr Trump has always been ambivalent towards the Kremlin, but by the time the election comes around, things may have changed significantly in Ukraine

Sigh of relief

The top court granted emergency requests by the country’s Justice Department and the manufacturer of the pill to put on hold a preliminary injunction by a district judge in Texas.


President Joe Biden has conveyed a stark message to the United States of America with his stout condemnation of Tuesday’s shootings in a school in Texas ~ a deeply pro-gun state ~ as a “uniquely American tragedy”.

Modi-Biden bilateral meet on 24 Sept: WH

The meeting will be held when PM Modi will be participating in person in the Quad summit in Washington DC on September 24, which is being hosted by US President Joe Biden.

Trilateral offensive

President Biden’s three-pronged offensive is likely to impinge on multilateral geostrategy. In America’s reckoning, the certitudes of international law.