Jaggery and its anti-pollution properties

In the contemporary world, where pollution has ingrained itself as an unwanted part of our everyday existence, our bodies are constantly fighting the damaging effects of environmental pollutants. While masks and air purifiers are common protective measures, one often-ignored but effective line of defense is what we choose to eat.

PCB drones to monitor AQI, problematic city pockets

With Diwali and Kali Puja round the corner and the air quality in Kolkata bringing worries to the citizens during the changing weather, the state pollution control board has decided to do surveillance of difficult pockets including highrises using drones during the two days of the festival.

KMC for help from cops, WBPCB to check pollution

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has decided to take help from the city police and the state pollution control board to curb waste burning in the open. Considering the reports of poor quality of air in Kolkata

Toxic haze

Delhi, steeped in history, is often marred by an unwelcome visitor that arrives every year ~ unwarranted and unrelenting toxic haze.