Political party

The institutional crisis that Pakistan faces

Within the government, Imran Khan’s major backer is Dr Arif Alvi, the country’s president. A member of his political party, PTI, Arif was appointed President on 18 September 2018. His term will conclude in September 2023.

Doubts about launch of Rajinikanth’s political party after bout of ill-health

Though sources close to Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM), the fan club, insists that the official launch will be realised on New Year’s Eve, the uncertainty over the actor’s presence on the occasion continues as he has been advised a week’s rest and “minimal physical activity” after being discharged from the Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Armed forces should not be politicised

The armed forces belong to the nation and swear allegiance to the Constitution. They are responsible to the nation, not a political party, individual or political leader.