Philippine Dynasts

In the archipelago of the Philippines, where history intertwines with the present, a modern-day Shakespearean drama unfolds.

Death penalty not a deterrent

The government, though, estimates the number of deaths at “only” 6,000 who died in the course of over 200,000 anti-illegal drug operations as of May this year.

It’s about time

It should be irrelevant, though it is entirely possible, that the chances of the measure being signed into law are at risk, given that Hontiveros is one of only two members of the opposition in the Senate.

Broad strokes for the future

Under his presidency, Marcos Jr. highlighted that food sufficiency will get preferential treatment, elating various agricultural groups that had criticized the import policy of the previous administration.

Challenge for the ‘supermajority’

The effect of these unusually quick alignments for leadership in the Senate and the House, normally bitterly contested, is the certainty of incoming President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. having a “supermajority” in Congress.