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3 Delhi stations to be renovated on PPP model

The Indian Railways has chosen to rehabilitate 200 stations around the country using engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) and PPP models as part of its efforts to modernise railway facilities.

Bhagirath Palace: Begum Samru’s forgotten haveli in Old Delhi

The Bhagirath Palace electrical market is one of Chandni Chowk’s most famous bazaars, visited by thousands in search of lamps, lights and electrical knick-knacks. However, not many are familiar with the intriguing history of not only the 19th-century building that was once a symbol of power and sex, but of its enigmatic owner Begum Samru. Sahapedia traces the story ofBhagirath Palace, aka Begum Samru ki Haveli.

The Bhishtis of Shahjahanabad: Breathing relics of a world gone by

Once intrinsic to the social landscape of Delhi and celebrated heroes for saving an emperor and braving wars, currently there are just three practising bhishtis (water carriers), who have been relegated primarily to delivering water to street vendors. Sahapedia-UNESCO Fellow Yusra Hasan nostalgically writes about the bhishtis of Shahjahanabad.