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It was about the disinformation game

With that, the lawsuit that captured public attention for two years ended. Dominion’s claims that Fox and its on-air pundits had damaged the voting equipment company’s reputation by falsely questioning the integrity of its operations during the 2020 elections were the same essential claims that any libel plaintiff must make for a case to proceed to trial.

Israel’s new coalition holds hope for future

Such an arrangement is certainly not alien to Israel – this happened between 1984 and 1988 when Labor leader Shimon Peres and Likud leader Yitzhak Shamir served as prime ministers for two years each.

The good news

India’s vaccine diplomacy or humanitarian outreach ~ the Vaccine Maitri initiative ~ has been an outstanding success and does not deserve the ill-informed commentary it is currently being subjected to.

Quiet resistance

Is Donald Trump facing quiet resistance? This was the dominant query in the perspective of America’s civil society on Thursday…