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Seven new books to check out

What is new to you in this book is that uncertainty can be used tp your benefit if you create and deploy an entrepreneurial mindset a way of thinking about your business that captures the benefits of uncertainty.

Young Pandavas face the dark threat of looming war

Writer-illustrator-cartoonist Anupam Arunachalam's "Young Pandavas 3: The Royal Tournament" (Hachette) is a thrilling follow-up to the adventures of the heroes of the Mahabharata, the greatest Indian story of all time.

Time to sharpen your inner black box (Book Review)

"Time to meet your inner black box," writes Gupta, who, in 2009, at the beginning of the Barack Obama administration, withdrew himself from consideration as the US Surgeon General for professional and personal reasons.

Spelling life in Kashmir Valley

"Due to this, we create for ourselves a metaphorical distortion. More people from Kashmir need to tell their own stories. People on the outside need to know the vast difference between the ground realities and what is being portrayed on the screen of their televisions."