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Mastering the art of thinking in an AI-driven world

This book explains cognition and the links between the brain, the mind and behavior in a clear and straightforward way.



Heres a book that will get you thinking about thinking.

Canadian psychologist John Paul Minda’s “How To Think: Understanding the Way We Decide, Remember and Make Sense of the World” (Hachette) is a comprehensive and accessible overview of how the brain works and how you think, learn, remember, make choices and experience the world.

In the current era of big data, algorithms and AI, knowing about how humans think — indeed, how you think — is more important than ever before.

We understand more about the brain than ever before and we also have more tools than ever before to help us think. This book will show you how your brain works, how your mind works, why we all make certain mistakes in thinking and why that’s not always a bad thing.

In order to understand how people behave, you need to understand how people think. And if you want to understand how people think, you need to have a basic understanding of cognitive psychology, cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience.

This book explains cognition and the links between the brain, the mind and behaviour in a clear and straightforward way.

Through interesting case studies and research examples, Minda shows how the brain is involved in mental activity, how memory works, how language affects thought, how good (and bad) decisions are made, and why we make predictable errors in our thinking. With practical applications for everyday life, this a book that helps us become better thinkers, better learners and better problem-solvers.

Minda is a professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. He has been studying the mind and brain for over 20 years and has written extensively on the topic of how people think. He is the author of the textbook “The Psychology of Thinking”.