NEP 2020

Areas of Study

The draft regulation by UGC brings a glimmer of hope for area study programmes to develop fully in India. Through this initiative Indian higher education will attract foreign students as well as academicians to do research in the country. Western scholars and academicians are always interested in studying and understanding the non-West, especially the Asian continent. Subjects such as South Asian Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, Chinese studies, Japanese studies etc. can attract the West to establish their institutions in India

The New Normal

The weapons industries suddenly discovered their triggers were hopeless and absurd; guns, missiles and tanks gathered dust and drones groaned as their redundancy seemed so absurd in an abnormal world. The fighter planes looked like installation art on public display. It was of course the era of the New Normal

Virtual conference on New Education Policy 2020

A webinar organised by the Education Promotion Society for India (EPSI) invited Directors of prominent Business Schools and management Institutions of the country to deliberate on the New Education Policy (NEP) and various associated aspects.