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  • Patriots and Nationalists

    Patriots and Nationalists

    Political laziness and ignorance are largely behind the use of such terms as ‘patriots’ and ‘nationalists’, interchangeably. While both intrinsically link the relationship of a citizen to the nation, the differences are stark both in terms of usage and the implied import. The American journalist, Sidney Harris, has remarked, “The difference between patriotism and nationalism …

    November 27, 2018
  • Myanmar Buddhists seek tougher action against Rohingya

    Myanmar Buddhists seek tougher action against Rohingya

    Several hundred Buddhist nationalists, including monks, rallied in Myanmar’s largest city to urge stronger action against insurgents from the Muslim Rohingya minority for attacks on police last week. The attacks in Rakhine state in western Myanmar have spiraled into chaotic violence, with more than 100 dead and villages torched. At least 18,000 Rohingya have fled …

    August 31, 2017