No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook: A delectable read!

Suchde talks about 'trash cooking' in her various food workshops conducted across the country. She also throws light on the difficulty of changing people's mindset when it comes to responsible cooking

Glorious India~II

Even after the decline of the golden period of the Gupta empire, great works of art, architecture and culture continued to flourish at four corners of India from the sixth century till the thirteenth century when invaders consolidated their rule on the holy land and stopped the festival of indigenous arts and cultural activities

Hilary Mantel: An Author Who Weaved Historical Events into Fiction

What made Hilary Mantel different from others was her art of waving historical incidents into fictional tales that still remained historically accurate. Two of her such books, Wolf Hall (2009) and its sequel, Bring Up the Bodies (2012), were awarded Booker Prize.