Kim Jong Un

North Korea confirms it test fired new hypersonic missile

According to Korean Central News Agency Kim Jong Un, attended the test launch of the solid fuel-powered Hwasong-16 missile in a Pyongyang suburb and claimed all missiles his country has developed are now based on solid fuel technology and are capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Kim-Putin ties

The Kremlin’s assertion that ties are flourishing in all areas, including “sensitive” ones, fuels speculation and invites scrutiny from global observers.

Kim and Putin

In the ever-evolving landscape of global politics, the prospect of a summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and…

Kim’s bluster

Interpreting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s recent military posture, which includes replacing his top general, calling for increased arms…

Food, not Nukes

The North Korean leader reportedly told the gathering that “the main task facing the party and people next year is to provide a sure guarantee for the implementation of the five-year plan and bring about a remarkable change in state development and the people’s standard of living”