Judicial System


To legitimise right from wrong, fair from unfair, constitutionally moral from one that diminishes constitutional morality, India increasingly looks not to its elected representatives in assemblies (as they should in a democracy) but to its ‘unelected’ oracles in judicial robes.


The people are gradually losing their trust and confidence in the judicial system. They feel disregarded and eluded while running from pillar to post in want of justice and on time.

Debt in distress

Most big defaulters are well-connected tycoons and have the money to employ legal eagles who can play the judicial system ~it is here the law flounders. India has some of the most draconian laws in books; they are ineffective against powerful dodgers. We keep producing new laws when the existing ones are adequate and just need more teeth to obtain results.

Pendency of cases bring disrepute: Justice Gogoi

Speaking at an event ‘Role of Bar and Bench in Social Engineering,’ organised by the Youth Bar Association of India, Justice Gogoi, who will take over as the 46th CJI on 3 October, said on Saturday that he has a plan to deal with the backlog of cases and he will “unfold” it soon.