Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu today said that inordinate delay, cost of legal processes and inaccessibility are impeding the effective delivery of justice to the common man.

Referring to Gandhiji’s talisman, Naidu said that the “the poorest man in want of justice” must be the prime motivator of legal practitioners in their thoughts and actions.

Underscoring the importance of restoring public confidence in the system, Naidu called for the disposal of criminal cases related to public functionaries in a speedy, dispassionate, objective manner.

For this purpose, special courts can be constituted to exclusively deal with criminal cases involving public servants and elected representatives, the Vice President suggested. He also proposed separate fast track courts for resolving electoral cases and to look into electoral malpractices.He also opined that defection cases in legislatures should be dealt with expeditiously in a time bound manner.

He expressed concern over recent happenings in the legislature of Himachal Pradesh and other states. He called for public representatives to have the highest ethical standards and exemplary conduct in every forum.

Warning against frequent disruptions of House proceedings, he said the ‘only way forward for every problem is to discuss, debate and decide and not disrupt’.

Speaking at the 11th Convocation to the Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, the Vice President urged the graduates to strive hard to excel in their profession, while also making the judicial system accessible, affordable and understandable for every citizen.

Calling for a change in the colonial mindset, the Vice President also wanted the educational institutions and courts to adopt indigenous dresses during convocations and court proceedings.