Af-Pak impasse

Access to education for girls, protection of women’s rights, and an ethnically inclusive government are nowhere in sight in Afghanistan.

Voice of the cleric

Women were not allowed to attend, unlike in present-day Iran and also unlike the last Loya Jirga that was held under the previous US-led government.

Israel in flux

The larger-than-life personality of Mr Netanyahu and an attempt to put on the backburner the fundamental question of Israeli-Palestinian relations.

20 years later

It is time to reflect on the gains that accrued in terms of ensuring global security and what needs to be done to protect them, as well as the mistakes made by the US-led West’s intervention in Afghanistan

New govt to uphold Islamic rules and Sharia law: Akhundzada

"The Islamic Emirate will take serious and effective steps towards protecting human rights, the rights of minorities as well as the rights of the underprivileged groups within the framework of the demands of the sacred religion of Islam," reads the statement.