ISI luring Sikhs with money to speak in favour of Pakistan

To save its reputation at the international level in the context of injustice meted out to minorities in the country, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is luring Sikh people with money to speak in favour of the country, sources said.

ISI activates terror wings to derail Punjab, UP polls: Intel

The sources in the security set up, quoting the intelligence inputs, said that the ISI sponsored Sikh terror outfits may target the election rallies and may attempt to hit some important leaders or VVIP during the electioneering process in Punjab, parts of UP and Uttarkhand.

Pak brass reshuffle

The outgoing ISI chief had played a crucial part in the Doha talks that led to the American departure from Afghanistan and more recently in meeting Taliban hardliners to cobble together a government in Kabul.

A graveyard waits

Today, a more complete dominance by the Taliban looms with the impending pull-back of US troops. The Chinese will maintain ‘hard-borders‘ given their own vulnerabilities with the Uighur uprising, and the pandemic-fatigued Iran will struggle to offer any meaningful opposition to the Taliban. Potentially, the Taliban could crush all opposition and become the ‘export hub‘ of its puritanical-revisionist impulses, for which the first porous destination would be Pakistan.