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Tag: Isaac Newton

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  • Fascinating universe

    Fascinating universe

    A Black Hole is formed when a huge star of around eight solar masses or more collapses on its own gravity.

    June 15, 2019
  • Stephen Hawking’s ashes to rest near Newton, Darwin

    Stephen Hawking’s ashes to rest near Newton, Darwin

    Legendary British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking will receive a private funeral at a church in Cambridge and the final resting place for his ashes will be next to fellow scientists Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin at Westminster Abbey here, his family said on Wednesday. One of the world’s most famous scientists, who died peacefully at …

    March 21, 2018
  • Fall of an apple

    Fall of an apple

    Apples are aplenty in the market these days and oranges scarce and expensive, though at one time they were also aplenty in winter, probably because of the abundance of kinos now. If an apple falls from a cart nobody is bothered, but the one dropped into the hands of Paris of Troy by goddesss Aphrodite …

    January 29, 2018