Internet of Things

IIT Mandi gets Rs 7.25 crore for Technology Innovation Hub

The major focus of the TIH in IIT Mandi will be on human-computer interaction (HCI) research, where projects will focus on design and development of computer technology (interfaces) and the study of interaction between humans (users) and computers.

Literate, not Educated

The disruptive technology of the twenty-first century has derailed the relationship between degrees and jobs and has made conventional learning obsolete. A computer operated by a semi-literate person can now do in moments what an army of educated clerks used to do in months.

Why cybersecurity should be an ongoing process

Considering the fact that the global cybersecurity spend, which currently amounts over $120 billion, is expected to exceed a whopping $300 billion dollars by 2024, most businesses are doing their best to secure their digital frontiers