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Unity and Disunity~II

The word Hindu was first coined by the Persian King Darius in 516 BCE, meaning people living beyond the river Sindhu (Indus), after he annexed Sind. The word was never meant to denote any religion, only the territory beyond the Indus

A Terrible Bargain

Professor Joy Sen researched and conceptualized the publication of a 2022 calendar by IIT-Kharagpur (IIT-K) titled Recovery of the Foundations of Indian Knowledge Systems. In addition to months, dates and days, this calendar carries a narrative of our past. In particular, the narrative attempts to convince the reader that the creators of the vast Harappan civilization were also the authors of the Rigveda, and that motifs of Harappan seals are alluded to in the Hindu sacred texts. In this attempt, many incorrect or obsolete claims have been made