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Indian Ocean

Indo-German Ties~II

Africa is estimated to have an abundance of rare earths but lacks exploration and extraction capabilities. German capital and green tech know-how augmented by an Indian-African workforce could be the key driver for Africa to replace China as the world‘s source of rare earths over the next decade. It would provide employment avenues for India‘s young population both at the skilled and semi-skilled levels, remittances from a new geography will come into play, and the opportunities for trade and commerce would grow. Africa would benefit as its own youth bulge would become productive

India abroad

New Delhi’s plans to build India’s first overseas military base are proceeding apace, according to an update on a leading web portal.

Race with China~III

But the fertile central plain is both China‘s strength as well as its weakness. China feeds 23 per cent of the world‘s population from 7 per cent of arable land, by crowding some 2,000 human beings onto each square mile of cultivated earth in the valleys and flood plains. But the narrow coastal zone of prosperity also creates a deep social chasm because it profits hugely from maritime trade which does not flow to the rest of China.