Indian Ocean

Naval base 

In a move that reverberates across the geopolitical chessboard, India has inaugurated a new naval base on Minicoy Island in Lakshwadeep, near the Maldives.

Ocean forays

As China continues to expand its in- fluence in the region, India must navigate a delicate bal- ance between diplomacy and safeguarding its national security interests.

Achilles’ heel

In the vast geopolitical chessboard, one piece stands out as a potential game-changer in any conflict involving China and that is the Indian Ocean.

Indo-German Ties~II

Africa is estimated to have an abundance of rare earths but lacks exploration and extraction capabilities. German capital and green tech know-how augmented by an Indian-African workforce could be the key driver for Africa to replace China as the world‘s source of rare earths over the next decade. It would provide employment avenues for India‘s young population both at the skilled and semi-skilled levels, remittances from a new geography will come into play, and the opportunities for trade and commerce would grow. Africa would benefit as its own youth bulge would become productive