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Calculus can be quite cool

Most high school students dread the subject of calculus. This fear may be why even many smart students stay away not only from higher mathematics but also STEM subjects and go into Commerce, Psychology, Economics, etc.

1983 Cricket World Cup: India 17/4 & Kapil Dev in the shower & then unthinkable happened

July 25 marks the 40th anniversary of India's remarkable triumph in the 1983 World Cup. Against all odds, Kapil Dev and his team shattered expectations, lifting the trophy and paving the way for future generations to believe in the power of the game. Discover the extraordinary journey of a team that didn't even believe in themselves but went on to create history.

Dravid era

It is not as if the format-specific captains will cease to matter but they are also likely to have had it driven home already that the coach of the team ~ think back to Anil Kumble, before Shastri ~ is not to be taken for granted by anyone within the squad and eventuality left undefended by the cricket board.

BCCI election to take place on October 22

Speaking after the meeting, Committee of Administrators chief Vinod Rai said that while the BCCI elections will be held on October 22, the apex council of the state associations will now have 19 members in place of nine as discussed with the Amicus Curiae.

Open Sesame?

The difference this time around is that India pulled it off in Australia, after decades of failure, inclusive of the phase when Kerry Packer’s shock-and-awe invasion had left cricket Down Under in a state of panic.