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  • The dishonoured Air Chief

    The dishonoured Air Chief

    Is India a banana republic? The answer is an emphatic 'No'. Yet, why does a political stalwart, who and whose political party had the pleasure and privilege of ruling India for 55 years, publicly target and viciously denigrate the incumbent Indian Air Force chief? Why this humiliation? Especially, on a day, when the Chinese foreign minister, Wang, and a military delegation from Beijing are in town? How happy will the Chinese be? Will, they not celebrate? Elated to see helplessness of the dishonoured serving Air Chief.

    December 29, 2018
  • Don’t target our nuclear sites, Pakistan warns India

    Don’t target our nuclear sites, Pakistan warns India

    Pakistan has warned India against striking at its nuclear installations and said Islamabad won’t hold back if this happened, Pakistani media reported on Friday. Foreign Minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif’s remarks was in response to Indian Air Force chief B.S. Dhanoa’s statement on Wednesday that if India needed to carry out a surgical strike, his aircraft …

    October 6, 2017