India is new hope of world: PM

The PM remarked that India was showing the path of Yoga to the entire humanity. It was introducing the world to the power of Ayurveda. Today, the working style of the government and the thinking of society have changed along with increased people's participation.

A special occasion

Whatever the challenges, all of us experienced at least one. Some experienced more than one. I am no different. But I choose to look back at the year in an attitude of gratitude. Despite the challenges I faced, I realize that I was still very fortunate. I did not lose my home. I did not go hungry. I did not lose anyone close to me. I appreciate it all and do not take any of it for granted, not for a second. My heart breaks for those who suffered a loss

The pandemic has snatched away so much hope: Artist Gigi Scaria

There are endless acres of land available all around Delhi. Right now, I am in Greater Noida. The kind of land, the way the Metros are lined up, the way the things are functioning, everything has a very tragic story to tell at times because of the way the land was taken, the construction done, and how it is abandoned..."