Harvard University

Not normal?

The Court this week ruled to outlaw race-based admissions to Harvard University and the University of North Carolina, saying these policies violate the Constitution's equal protection clause.

Frequent, rapid testing can cripple Covid within weeks: Study

"Our big picture finding is that, when it comes to public health, it's better to have a less sensitive test with results today than a more sensitive one with results tomorrow," said study lead author Daniel Larremore from the University of Colorado Boulder in the US.

Dietary supplements could harm your health

The study, published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, found that these types of supplements were linked to nearly three times as many severe medical outcomes in young people

Unto Gandhi’s Trusteeship

In formulating his doctrine of trusteeship, Gandhi was profoundly influenced by John Ruskin's Unto This Last and Other Essays. He was so impressed that he later translated the book into Gujarati with the title Sarvadaya.