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  • STF arrests drug peddlers following tip-off

    STF arrests drug peddlers following tip-off

    Confirming the arrest of Dule Singh (Rajasthan), Sultan (Hardwar), and Deen Mohammad (Kairana), STF`s deputy SP Brajesh Singh said that Dule Singh used to smuggle drugs from Mandsaur of Madhya Pradesh and supply them to his local contacts Wazid alias Kala, Asif, and Sultan who are residents of Shamli and Hardwar.

    February 5, 2020
  • A City of Cyclotrons~II

    A City of Cyclotrons~II

    Now, in Kolkata, three cyclotrons are working without any glitch. Now, science in Bengal has gone behind the purdah. Nobody outside the world of science knows what is happening in the realms of science and literature. Scientists are content, publishing papers and literature and theatre have become parochial, provincial and claustrophobic.

    January 6, 2020