Goddess Kali

How `11 contribution transformed Malopara’s Puja in Krishnagar

At the heart of this ancient town, where history whispers through the cobblestone streets, a tradition as old as 200 years continues to thrive. Malopara's Jagadhatri Puja, following in the traditions of Raja Krishnachandra Roy, not only weaves together the fabric of community but also narrates a tale of unwavering loyalty.

‘The Goddess of eternity’

What better time to take stock of all this than on Kali Puja, the day of the celebration of women’s empowerment and that too from Kalighat, this blessed place by the Adi Ganga.

Several animals sacrificed in North Dinajpur temples

According to the Secretary of the North Dinajpur unit of People For Animals, Gautam Tantia, they have been campaigning in social media and through leaflets distributed among the people against such mass animal sacrifice.