fuel prices

What’s for dinner tonight?

Inflation has broken the back of common people in India. Reports suggest that prices of piped natural gas have increased for the tenth time since August 2021.

High fuel prices, depreciation of rupee to hamper margins in aviation sector

Even as the recovery in the aviation sector has been highly impressive with stable traffic at around 90 per cent of pre-Covid levels, Brokerage firm Prabhdas Lilladhar has said the domestic passenger traffic is likely to decline nearly 8-9 per cent QoQ, led by the seasonal nature of Indian aviation industry.

Cruel food inflation hits Pakistan

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reports inflation measured through the Sensitive Price Index (SPI) — or price changes in 51 essential items — cumulatively and also separately for five “expenditure groups”. In the first group are people who spend up to Rs17,732 per month and in the last group fall those who spend more than Rs44,175.