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  • Germany’s hope

    Germany’s hope

    It is a patchwork quilt that was woven in Berlin last Friday after five days of hectic talks ~ including a 24-hour “all-nighter” ~ on the formation of a coalition government in Germany. Governance has been in limbo for the past four months and the coalition agreement is a critical step towards giving the country …

    January 16, 2018
  • Merkel vows to win back right-wing voters

    Merkel vows to win back right-wing voters

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday said she wants to win back the voters who deserted her party for Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) which made history in the national election by becoming the first far-right party to enter the country’s Parliament in almost 60 years. Merkel is now set for a fourth term in office …

    September 25, 2017