Four years on…

The evolution of the modern state premised on Rousseau’s theory of social contract has followed varied trajectories. Many scholars believe the Scandinavian model of the welfare state is its apogee. Others argue in favour of the Anglo-American model, claiming it is more effective in promoting prosperity.

Connecting to our past through food

Looking to the food of the past reveals that living a balanced life has always involved being mindful of everything that goes into our bodies. We may not live in Al Andalus or 10th-century Baghdad, but it is possible to recreate the aromas and flavours that animated our ancestors and were familiar to them. In this way, food is not only part of our present but also our connection to the past.

Evolving concepts of national security

India faces two hostile neighbours, China and Pakistan, both of whom would seek to exploit weakness in Indian defence preparedness, while backing anti-national groups within, damaging national cohesion.

Rebirth and Evolution

The writer is an IAS officer, presently posted as Commissioner of School Education, West Bengal. The views are personal and don't reflect those of the Government.