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  • The archaeology of literature

    The archaeology of literature

    This is a meticulously well-researched book by a historian and ethnomusicologist that will be appreciated by researchers and faculty members of colonial studies and cultural studies as it showcases the contributions of Dwijendralal Roy as a colonial subject as well as a man of letters, a songwriter, a poet and a music composer par excellence... A review

    July 16, 2019
  • Misogyny and Gender~I

    Misogyny and Gender~I

    In his play Chandragupta, the celebrated playwright Dwijendralal Roy made the Greek emperor Alexander the Great remark to his trusted general Seleucus about the phantasmagorical complexities of the Indian subcontinent ~ “Truly Seleucus what a strange country this is!” Strange however is an understatement. Our country is celebrated for its cultural pluralism, it is known …

    November 4, 2018