Devi Durga

DM likens Mamata is Devi Durga, BJP objects

In 2003, the BJP's mentor organization, RSS incidentally had hailed Mamata Banerjee as Bengal's Durga, after she'd visited the Nagpur headquarters of the organization seeking the Sangh Parivar's support in her struggle against the then ruling Communist brigade in Bengal.

Bidding adieu

As Durga Puja is welcomed with the unbridled verve of happiness, similar should be the Bishorjon.

Durga idol, Marangburu’s mantras make a rare combination

In Bankura’s tribal-dominated Domohani village, where 60 tribal families reside ~ about 50 km away from the district headquarters ~ holding a Durga Puja is no easy game as the tribal communities worship their own God Marangburu and never allow ‘infiltration of outside culture’ into their ‘sacred’ custom and lifestyle.


As per the Sastras, the goddess can be worshipped only during spring (Vasanta) as it falls during the six-month period when the sun moves northwards from the equator (Uttarayan).

Sandhi Puja

It’s time again to get lost in the devotional zeal of Durga Puja celebration, the most awaited festival of Bengalis.…