defence budget

Decoding the defence budget

The finance minister must consider the viability of announcing independent service capital budgets in an era when the armed forces are undergoing a major transformation with the creation of the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) and theatre commands. Ideally, service allocation should be done by the CDS based on a common threat profile and joint capability requirements of the forces.

Defending India

With challenges on two fronts, India would have to gradually raise its defence spending to deal with increasing external threats

Defence of the Realm

This is the right time for the Chief of Defence Staff to intervene and fight for the modernisation of the armed forces lest we are again caught with our pants down as in 1962. The defence strategists have failed to analyse as to why the Modi government is not giving priority to defence modernisation when a severe threat from our adversaries is lurking. Pakistan's defence budget is about 3.5 per cent of GDP whereas China's is about 4 per cent of GDP. India's budget should at least be about 3 per cent of GDP if not more, notwithstanding the economic slowdown

Signal of intent~I

Jobs ~ the most urgent problem facing the nation ~ also got much less focus than it deserved. A Finance Minister‘s job is a tightrope balancing walk and some compromises are necessary, especially so because the budget was presented amidst unmistakable signs of a slowing economy.