GM crops need more research

The conditional approval of Dhara Mustard Hybrid (DMH- 11) has created some uproar in the country. While the approval from the Government of India came last year, its extension into field trials was halted by the Supreme Court in August this year.

Global food supply faces fresh turmoil with rice prices set to climb

Food supply, already squeezed by shortages in wheat, corn and cooking oils, is at risk of even more disruption, this time from the rice market. India is clamping down on exports of the staple for half the world's population, with the market's focus now turning to the capacity of other major producers including Thailand and Vietnam to fill the gap.

Himachal brings 4669 hectare baron land under cultivation again

A state government official said though the agricultural climate of the state is suitable for production of cash crops, yet crop production in several areas have been affected by stray and wild animals with some farmers even stopping farming activities.