Civil War

Japan-Taiwan Ties

Japan-Taiwan relations became big news in Northeast Asia when former Prime Minister of Japan, Taro Aso, currently Vice-President of the…

Crumbling Foundation

Had the Mahatma been alive to witness the civil war like situation in Manipur, and communal riots in Haryana, he…

Harsh Truths

Seemingly, living in denial is a Pakistani specialty, considering the defiant front that it continues to put up in the face of unprecedented socio-economic desperation, societal implosion and a civil-war-like situation when conflated with the reality in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan etc. Even Pakistan's ostensible 'backyard' and progeny in the form of Afghan Taliban is up in arms against it, while the sectarian dissonance with a Shi'ite Iran is a permanent problem

UN and Myanmar

The prevarication, that was palpable notably in Libya and Syria, seems set to resonate in the echo chambers of Kabul and further afield in the tormented land now headed by Taliban hardliners, just as it does in Myanmar

Prospect of implosion

A 2021 national survey by a leading US pollster found that as many as 46 per cent Americans believed a future civil war is likely

A journalist of courage and deep conviction

Robert Fisk (12 July 1946 - 30 October 2020) was a legendary journalist and author who penned down meticulously the sufferings of millions of people reporting not from secondary sources or keeping a safe distance from the theatres of the war but from the battle front, endangering his own life. He was attacked many times, once even with the possibility of losing his life.