Activists seek ban on caging of wild birds in Odisha

The recent case of Coco, a pet parakeet, seized from Cuttack city from the house of a senior academician illustrates the misconception and the wrong attitude of the public. In fact, the seizure was followed up by a sustained public campaign over social media and other media to force the department to return the bird to the owner.

Sweet sound of birds chirping at Kanpur zoo by press of a button

Arvind Singh, Kanpur Zoo Assistant Director, told IANS that the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) has set up a 'Virtual Centre' at the Kanpur Zoo which provides information about the birds, turtles, dolphins and fishes living along the banks or in the Ganges.

Our mythological birds

The Homa bird, of Vedic times, lives and breeds in the air, lays eggs in the air, and, before the eggs reach the earth, they hatch and the baby bird flies upward to join its mother. Persian, Turkish and Sufi poets praise them as divine birds, and birds of paradise