Bengaluru riots

Cops quiz 2 Congressmen in Bengaluru riots case

About 350 people, including a dozen activists of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), a political outfit, were arrested for their alleged involvement in the riots in which a part of the D.J. Halli police station and scores of vehicles were also burnt and public property in the area damaged.

Mindless violence

The law makes provision to tackle comments intended to provoke enmity between communities, and while its presence on the statute book in the same form that our erstwhile colonial masters wrote it is open to scrutiny, invoking it was an option that ought to have been exercised by those who felt offended by the social media post before they decided to play merry hell with public order.

‘It took police firing to control Bengaluru riot’

"Due process was followed and firing happened and only then did the situation come under control," Central Crime Branch (CCB) Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Kuldeep Jain told IANS on the violence that broke out on Tuesday night.