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Tag: Bengal Presidency

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  • Along the lines of history

    Along the lines of history

    South Asia, including India's North-east, can best, and most efficiently, revive its old prosperity by reconnecting through their shared waterways that still connect them, inextricably and inescapably, political differences notwithstanding.

    October 15, 2018
  • Great expectations

    Great expectations

    After 70 years of Independence it is time for the North-east to take stock of developments since 1947 and even before from 1826 when the British East India Company acquired the Ahom kingdom and made it a part of the Bengal Presidency. And, after consolidating its strategic base in the Assam valley and the creation …

    January 29, 2018
  • Looking beyond identity

    Looking beyond identity

    The first partition of Bengal Presidency took place in 1874 when its Eastern Frontier region, comprising the areas under the Ahoms and the newly- acquired hill areas in the eastern Himalayas, were separated along with two permanently-settled districts of Sylhet and Goalpara to constitute the chief commissioner’s province of Assam. The separation to offset the …

    January 15, 2017