No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook: A delectable read!

Suchde talks about 'trash cooking' in her various food workshops conducted across the country. She also throws light on the difficulty of changing people's mindset when it comes to responsible cooking

All roads lead north are less travelled

"Far away, in Delhi, one could imagine a chuckle in the corridors of South Block. Nepal's politics, and its politicians, are a quagmire. Its leaders play each other and its neighbours constantly in the struggle for power. India had long waded into the puddle, played the game and lost. Now, it was China's turn."

Can a cursed inheritance be turned into a blessing?

A poet, author, and publishing professional, her short stories have appeared in the anthologies, "Crossed & Knotted, Defiant Dreams", "When They Spoke" and "Write India Stories". Her poems have been published in "Kaafiyana" and "The Dawn Beyond Waste".

A journalist of courage and deep conviction

Robert Fisk (12 July 1946 - 30 October 2020) was a legendary journalist and author who penned down meticulously the sufferings of millions of people reporting not from secondary sources or keeping a safe distance from the theatres of the war but from the battle front, endangering his own life. He was attacked many times, once even with the possibility of losing his life.