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  • Promising a vast scope

    Promising a vast scope

    The subject of molecular biosciences is full of novel research prospects in areas of modern medicine, solar and biofuel production.

    August 28, 2018
  • ‘Antibiotics abuse must be curbed’

    ‘Antibiotics abuse must be curbed’

    India is the first country that has defined effluent standards for antibiotics production. Yet, the ground realities present a different picture. Over-use of antibiotics by people, its use and misuse in agriculture as well as its presence in extremely high concentrations in effluents of pharmaceutical factories continue to be a cause for concern. Growing instances …

    July 21, 2018
  • World running out of antibiotics, WHO warns

    World running out of antibiotics, WHO warns

    Antibiotics that are currently in clinical development are insufficient to combat the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance, a World Health Organisation (WHO) report said. Most of the drugs currently in the clinical phase are modifications of existing classes of antibiotics and are only short-term solutions, WHO said. There are, however, very few potential treatment options. …

    September 20, 2017