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  • Rampage of the Right

    Rampage of the Right

    The immediate provocation for last week's rampage in German cities is not Ms Merkel's open-asylum policy towards the migrants, though it is palpable that the Arab factor has lent the spark. It was the stabbing of a German, allegedly by assailants of Syrian and Iraqi origin, that have brought matters to a head.

    September 2, 2018
  • Fourth term, but…

    Fourth term, but…

    The outcome of Sunday’s election in Germany was never in doubt; yet the fourth consecutive term that has been awarded to Chancellor Angela Merkel has been greeted with a distinct lack of euphoria. There is an unmistakable degree of astonishment, even cynicism, over the first-ever entry of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) to parliament. …

    September 27, 2017