Aksai Chin

Contradiction on China

For all these decades, Beijing has been in occupation of Indian territory. Yet India has in recent years spent billions of dollars of foreign exchange importing a great deal of goods including toys and even statues of Hindu deities. Because of these imports, many of our small and medium industries have had to shut down.

Depsang impasse

The Depsang Plains represent a high-altitude gravelly plain at the northwest portion of the disputed Aksai Chin region of Kashmir, divided into Indian and Chinese administered portions across a Line of Actual Control. India controls the western portion of the plains as part of Ladakh, whereas the eastern portion is controlled by China, but which is claimed by India.

Festering frontier

India ought long ago to have called China‘s bluff whenever the latter infringed into territories perceived by India as its own. It was China that started this game of infrastructure development quite early in the narrative. When China built a 1200-km long road in 1956 across Aksai Chin, of which some 180-km was claimed by India, to carve a route for Sianking, its westernmost province, into Tibet, India was caught napping.