Agricultural sector

PM Modi questions Congress’s ‘U-turn’ on farm laws; quotes Manmohan Singh

Reiterating the government’s stand on minimum support price (MSP), PM Modi in reply to a debate on the President's Budget session speech said, “MSP tha, MSP hai aur MSP rahega (MSP was there, MSP is there, MSP will continue). Affordable ration for the poor will continue. Mandis will be modernised. No one should spread misinformation.”

Tranche after Tranche

While wishing that the stimulus will succeed in its stated objective, it would probably have been better had the Government chosen to put money in the citizen's hands by increasing Government spending and providing employment to the crores rendered jobless by the pandemic because a supply-side monetarist approach may not be the best way to reboot our economy.

Populism’s pitfall

To opt to “loosen” a plank of the platform from which a remarkably successful election campaign has just been mounted…