Fresh Aadhaar deactivation letters flood Burdwan villages

Amidst the chief minister's intervention into the crisis, hundreds of letters pertaining to Aadhaar deactivation started flooding. Most of them are by the Matuas in East and West Burdwan districts, where dozens of families have pressed the panic button.

Creative exclusion

The bigger and the long-term issue is around the huge numbers left out, who may well be even more vulnerable: tenant farmers (who account for more than 60 per cent of the cultivated land in some areas) and landless labour, who are left with nothing more than a promise that their case will also be looked into in the future.

Aadhaar a game changer: Jaitley

Listing out the benefits of Aadhaar, Jaitley said that in the last 28 months, over 122 crore Aadhaar numbers have been issued, covering 99 per cent of the country's adult population.

2018: The year of the Supreme Court

From the right of a common citizen to privacy to that of women to practise religion, from decriminalising homosexuality to legalising passive euthanasia, and from adultery to inter-faith marriages, Supreme Court orders and directions left few sections of the society untouched this year.